The Sudanese Peace Music Festival – 13 July – 63067 Offenbach, Germany

The purpose of the Sudanese Peace Music Festival is to provide a platform for Sudanese of all walks of life, particularly creatives, to unite their voice in a singular call for a civilian state. This call will be amplified by other non-Sudanese voices which we hope will position our concern as a global humanitarian issue rather than a regional African concern, or ‘just another’ third world crisis. Equally important in our eyes is the intent to use this event to deepen the rich intercultural dialogue that exists between Sudan, Germany, Europe and the US, by providing a vibrant culturally immersive experiencevia first hand access to Sudanese musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, public media figures, academics and more –we are a culturally rich nation, with a deep and diverse history, and simply want to showcase that. A larger overarching goal going forward is to provide an apolitical forum for Sudanese creatives, and likeminded individuals to meet, discuss and cross-fertilize –we are a people full of latent and natural talents, and often simply miss a place to meet

We make a small art installation at OFOF: 

Three pieces of black and white Sudanese art by leading Sudanese artists.